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Ladies and Gentlemen!

In this day and age when life gets more and more dynamic, peace and rest are a well deserved prize. For this reason it’s worth enjoying leisure with its new emotions and experiences. We hope you will remember the time at Russian Vodka Room №1.

Russian Vodka Room №1 is a unique place where different historical eras meet to create a special ambience.

High arched ceilings, cozy atmosphere of spacious lounges and delicious Russian food will be a pleasant surprise for you and your guests.

The restaurant can seat up to 132 persons. Any kind of event is possible, be it a business meeting, a workshop, a presentation, a birthday or a corporate party. Your guests are sure to enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

We also have a cozy VIP lounge, for 14 persons.


Our banqueting manager will help you complement the menu with traditional Russian treats, such as smoked sterlet with cream sauce or suckling pig filled with buckwheat and cep mushrooms.

Russian Vodka Room №1 is proud of the name: it’s the only place where you can taste 213 kinds of Russian vodka!

We also have a Museum of Russian Vodka, which can be easily accessed after lunch. The Museum’s spacious hall will help you feel the atmosphere of the XV century Moscow monastery, where the monks distilled their first alcohol.

Our guides will tell you numerous stories about Russian vodka, drinking traditions and bread wine. After the tour you will taste some kinds of vodka with traditional Russian snacks: pickles and butterbrots with salo and Baltic anchovy.

Any event at Russian Vodka Room №1 is a pleasant and unusual experience!

Here you can also buy gift certificates worth 1500 RUB, 2000 RUB or 3000 RUB. A gift certificate of Russian Vodka Room is a good way of showing your affection to friends and relatives. Share the unforgettable dining experience with your friends, family members and colleagues.

Подарочный сертификат от «Русской Рюмочной №1»

Special offer!
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"Русская Рюмочная №1"

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Кулебяка с Сибирским муксуном - 980 рублей.

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"Русская Рюмочная № 1" открывает сезон лисичек!


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Строганина из Сибирского Муксуна

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Азовская малосольная Хамса в "Русской Рюмочной №1"



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Awards «Palme D`Or 2008»
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